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Textile enterprises : Blizzard of orders received
Textile enterprises : Blizzard of orders received
Not all but the majority of enterprises producing textile exporters have signed contracts to finish the first half of next year .

May jeans export JSC Saigon May 3 - Photo: TVNghi

Do not worry there is no work , said businesses are now considering very carefully before signing the partnership contract prices increased by at least 10-15 % compared with 2010 .

Do not worry about missing work

Closing price on a quarterly basis

According to Pham Xuan Hong - Vice President Vitas , the companies signed a long -term contract " with the advantage that there is damage ." Regarding advantages, in addition to psychological rehabilitation workers are long-term unemployed , the business plan is also stable in its production .

" But it will be disadvantaged if market volatility , market prices could rise " - Mr. Hong analysis . So , " it's best to sign long-term contract agreement for the terms " production capacity " and closing prices for each contract you should not sign long -term ."

As of early May 12-2010 , JSC Sai Gon 3 Garment signed a contract to June 6-2011 finished with a total value of up to $ 50 million to about 5 million jeans products exported to Japan . Compared to the same period in 2010 , the first two quarters of 2011 the company increased to 20 % in volume , about 20 % of the unit price performance . " The orders have come very soon . They want the contract signed quickly to stabilize the output of new business for the season " - Ms. Kim Hong , the company sales department , said.
Ms. Le Thi Thanh , deputy general director of Phuong Dong Garment Joint Stock Company , said that as of May 5-2011 , theft Orient contract Trem 5 million garments of all kinds. " This year a lot of orders , re- signed soon so we have the capacity to receive the balance of the contract " - Ms. Thanh excited .

In many large textile companies such as Vietnam Tien , Nha Be , Phong Phu , Gia Dinh , Thanh Cong , Thang Loi , Vietnam Thang ... , orders increased in 2011 compared to 2010, no less than 15 % . " We have been preparing for the new season . After ordering the product design approval will organize production immediately " - Mr. Phan Van Kiet , deputy general director of Vietnam Tien Garment Company , said .

Particularly, the private sector is no longer a shortage of care as two years ago . " Only people who do not have fear but hey that is not " - Ms. Nguyen Thi My Linh , director of Minh Chau Garment Co., Ltd. , said excitedly . Currently her company signed a contract to produce 200,000 finished product , enough for more than 200 workers of this enterprise to produce quarter 1-2011 . The business of about 500-2000 employees are keenly contract until the end of quarter 2-2011 , always even signed agreements for the remaining two quarters of the year without the slightest hesitation .

The turn to VN

According to industry experts , the reason why in 2011 the textile exporters have been contracted as soon as the order status diverted from China to VN is growing very strongly . " They found trust in quality workmanship, reasonable prices for quality products meeting international standards for timely delivery schedules should produce VN businesses are highly appreciated " - Diep Thanh Kiet , deputy chairman of the HCM City Textile knitting embroidery , stressed .

It is worth mentioning that the surplus value of many textile enterprises also increased rapidly . According to calculations by Kim Hong , approximately $ 65 million in estimated exports of 2010, imports of raw materials from abroad is only about $ 25 million , accounting for approximately 40 % of total exports , the balance the use of domestic raw materials .

Compared with last year , the rate of import of raw materials was JSC Saigon May 3 down at least 10-15 million, this means the added value of enterprises also increased due to the corresponding increase utilization rate of raw materials in the country .

According to Vu Duc Giang - Chairman VN Textile Association ( Vitas ) , with exports in 2010 of over $ 11 billion estimate , the beneficial exchange value after deducting the import of raw materials sector this year is estimated increase at least 18 % , at least over 4.5 billion USD. One of the reasons for the surplus value increases in the double digits , according to Jiang , as more businesses turn to perform FOB contract ( purchase of raw materials , semi-finished products ) increases , the rate of implementation orders have also increased in value by 17% ...

According to the report SUSPECTED - TRAN VU youth