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VINATEX Da Nang JSC : Go up from the hard time
VINATEX Da Nang JSC : Go up from the hard time
JSC is a member of Da Nang VINATEX link of Vietnam Textile and Garment Group with approximately 4,000 officers and staff , including 2 -scale plants , 4 factories , 1 and 1 embroidery workshop Mall textiles ; operating areas from Da Nang City to Binh Dinh province .
Start of VINATEX Da Nang is a small business in the central region with the workforce only 400 people and financial resources , potential customers are limited . It can be said in the beginning of this enterprise is still toddling steps , too young , to accompany the many risks and obstacles . But the spirit of hard work and learning to do in order to find the appropriate direction , so the company's revenue growth has not stopped over every year .

Since 2004 , the labor force of the company has grown to 2,000 people , 1,600 kinds of machinery and equipment , sales reached 240 billion, exports $ 13 million , the material life and spiritual workers are significantly improved . Danang leaders VINATEX not satisfied with the results he has invested and expanded its operations outside the province , namely built factory in Binh Dinh Phu My plant has a design capacity of 1.1 million / year with 20 production lines scale , to 10/ 2006, the company continues to invest in the Dung Quat garment Factory garment Joint Stock company's Oriental Division in Saigon industry in Dung Quat Quang Ngai , bringing the total number of production lines to 74 companies with more than 4,000 assembly line workers . The main products of the company like Jacket , Polo Shirt , trousers , shirts , sportswear , overalls , uniforms ... were present in most markets as the EU , U.S. , Japan , Taiwan ...

Looking back on construction and development , Hu Hai- company CEO , says : The important factor leading and deciding the success of a man . A staff and skilled workers are flesh sticking to the company , all the hard times , struggling . The company had earlier strategic planning and human resource development has not stopped training , professional training for staff employees . Especially VINATEX Danang succeeded in building corporate culture , successful application of the quality management system ISO 9001, SA 8000 social accountability , WRAP and program security terrorism prevention C - TPAT . From that enhance human potential and the power of the system contributes to change the face of the company , and has enhanced competitiveness in international economic integration . Mr Ho Hai said that the second most important factor is the innovation investment process equipment , from first place with 170 machinery , so far the number has risen to 3000 and specialized machinery alone technologically advanced and up to 20 of the 200 number on the machine with a total investment of over 30 billion.

Overcoming hardship

Like many other businesses in the garment industry , Da Nang VINATEX overcame the economic crisis by its own internal resources , although wind wave has passed , but the fact remains complicated place , not as expected wait . The lack of long orders since 2009 have made the situation serious decline in production , the company has customers seeking stable and mining orders , ensure jobs for workers and greatly improved the production . Danang leaders VINATEX predictable situation , the labor issues early severance should have policies about salaries , bonuses and other social welfare ... to retain employees , and create conditions for workers sticking up , working with the company long term.

To reduce pressure on limited loan and business risks in the first 6 months so far, the company has taken into consideration when receiving orders to balance the proportion FOB FOB in the product structure of the company . The maintenance and development of standards of social responsibility in the organization WRAP principles and related laws , building security programs CTPAT terrorism prevention , implementing performance improvement projects ( IE ) and bring the initial results are very encouraging , contributing to improving management capacity and improve productivity . Recently added to the vagaries of weather , making the power supply is unstable , leading to difficulties in the implementation of the production plan and delivery schedule , a great influence on the operation of business .
All this pressure and other pressures , Da Nang VINATEX passed by initiative in their business , from the selection of the search order to stabilize production and always have the right policy regime , practical for the employee should have generated stability of thought , belief established in most public officials to encourage the employees to work . In the past 6 months , the company has surpassed 100 % of the assessment of clients such as Sears , Perry Ellis , Wal Mart , Li & Fung , Kohls ... this is a good thing for creating more trust with customers in the long-term business relationship .

Many projects , development strategy was put on the table the Director- General , Mr Ho Hai adds : We will call the customer and strategic capital contribution in order to add strength to the company financial performance more powerful , more effective in the years to come . VINATEX Da Nang will expand joint ventures with outside institutions to solve the labor shortage and surplus equipment , contribute to solving depreciation costs , increase revenue and meet delivery schedules , to maintain credibility with its traditional customers .

With this achievement , Da Nang VINATEX 4 years ( 2005-2008 ) Party won the title in a clean, strong , excellent , typical grassroots trade unions and the company won the title of outstanding Units of Movement public employees and union activities from 2003 to 2008 . Also from the above results that the company has received many honors of ministries , branches and localities awarded : Certificate of Merit by the Ministry of Commerce on export performance of the year from 2005 to 2008 , the Merit General Confederation of Labour Vietnam movement , clean and beautiful blue ; Chinese units outstanding emulation of Vietnam Textile and Garment Group through the 2000 , 2001, 2002 and 2008 ; emulation Flag of the outstanding units Industry and government ...

Da Nang VINATEX though born late and from the hard time going up , but was himself overcome themselves to make a small contribution to the overall success of Vietnam's garment industry in the integration period .

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